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The ecology of scholarly communication
With the coming of of age of the internet scientists gained new possibilities, not only to publish their papers in open acces, but also to discuss their ideas on blogs and other social media. A whole new ecology of scholarly communication emerged.

Disintermediation: implications for science communication
But what does this new ecosystem imply for Science Communication. As a result of the internet social life is “disintermediating”. This simply means ‘getting rid of the middleman’. In business disintermediation has meant that customers can now look for relevant information about products or services that was previously known only to service intermediary firms or professionals – for instance, people can book their own flights and holidays instead of using travel agents; they can order cars online from non-local dealers; and they can buy many products directly from manufacturers or from specialised, large-scale internet suppliers.

So, why would this be any different in Science? It isn’t.
On this site I – and hopefully others – explore new ideas, new forms and new technologies to communicate science.


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